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Learn about how Bend Roots takes shape. Visit our community partners. Apply to perform at the annual festival. Bend Roots is both an annual festival and a renaissance of creative energy rising up in Central Oregon.


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Be a part of Bend Roots Revival. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities or how to donate to the Bend Roots Fund.

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IMAGINE a tree with its leaves and buds reaching toward the sun and its roots diving deep. The Bend Roots Revival showcases the fruits of this enrichment project in our community each year, harvest time, mid-September. We showcase kid bands, school groups, family projects, and first timers cutting their teeth alongside seasoned pros from our community and beyond. All styles. Everyone. Free.

While it is true we throw the biggest party of the year, “The Bend Roots Revival,” with the intent of celebrating and inspiring our community, Bend Roots also brings teaching artists from the community into local schools to mentor students in music and theater. We provide scholarships for students of local private instructors, help local teaching artists find part-time work, and host the BEND ROOTS MUSIC CAMP—a free event for music students of all ages.

Donations of any amount may be made online via the BEND ROOTS FUND link provided below.

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