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Stages and Sound Engineers

Each stage at Bend Roots is managed by one of the audio engineers showcased below, and by the bands themselves: a harmonious team effort.

A Harmonious Team Effort

Each stage at Bend Roots is managed by one of the audio engineers showcased below, and by the bands themselves: a harmonious team effort. Keeping the event on schedule and moving smoothly is our first priority. Please check-in with your sound engineer at least one hour before your set. What follows is a description of each stage, details of the PA systems provided, and any backline items we have borrowed and made available for this year’s event. Click on the stage names for info about engineers and equipment.

black butte porter stage
BIGS Stage and Black Butte Porter Stage

The BIGS Stage and the Black Butte Porter stage are located on the Deschutes Brewery Lawn and can be accessed from the south warehouse entrance. This is where the trucks come in to load the delicious nectar and take it to our friends around the country. It is a loading and unloading zone FOR BANDS and VENDORS ONLY. Please be aware of the flow of the beer trucks! They have right-of-way; and when you are finished loading/unloading please find a place to park your rig. We will provide a couple of garden carts to help transport your gear from the entrance down onto the lawn (and back). Always return them to the Brewery Lawn entrance, for other bands.

BIGS Stage Engineer Contactdrew@bendroots.net

Black Butte Porter Stage Engineer Contactsamuel@bendroots.net

Bend-In-Spoon Community Arts Stage

The Bend-In-Spoon Community Arts Stage is located on the upper Brewery Lawn near the main entrance, and is best accessed through the main entry gate. If you are scheduled to play on this stage, we recommend parking on Shevlin-Hixon, as near to the front entry as possible. There will be a garden cart at the Bend-In-Spoon stage to help wheel gear in and out. Please remember to return it to the Bend-In-Spoon stage.

Bend-In-Spoon Engineer Contactkyle@bendroots.net

Redbird Stage and 4 Peaks Stage

The Redbird Stage and 4 Peaks Stage, located in the gravel lot, between the Art Station and the Community Art Zone, may be accessed through a panel of cattle fencing marked “Gear Loading Only,” from the “parking” side of the fence—directly in front of the Redbird Tent. This is not a public entrance. Please use it only for band gear, closing the panel behind you when gear is in/out. Encourage your bandmates and entourage to use the designated entry and exit points, not this gear-gate. We must rule ourselves well, by encouraging a tone of respect. The cattle fencing is functional and safe when used properly, but not something for patrons of the event to navigate, and risk injury.

Redbird Stage Engineer Contactnathan@bendroots.net

4 Peaks Stage Engineer Contactty@bendroots.net

El Sancho Stage and Avid Cider Stage

The El Sancho and Avid Cider stages, located at the north entry point on the Art Station Lawn, are easily accessed from Shevlin-Hixon Road, between the Les Schwab Amphitheater and the Art Station. There is a loading/unloading zone behind the Avid tent. If you use this access point, please load/unload quickly, and then park your rig in a designated spot (either on Shevlin-Hixon or in the gravel lot by the Redbird Tent).

El Sancho Stage Engineer Contactscott@bendroots.net

Avid Cider Stage Engineer Contactfletcher@bendroots.net

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