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Learn about how Bend Roots takes shape. Visit our community partners. Apply to perform at the annual festival. Bend Roots is both an annual festival and a renaissance of creative energy rising up in Central Oregon.


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Bend Roots Volunteers 2022

We’re doing one merch booth this year, but will also have volunteer positions available for Festival Greeter/Event Support. Event support will help keep patrons from crossing the two main streets with alcohol in hand. We appreciate your time and support for Bend Roots!

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What When Name
What When Name
FRIDAY - Merch Booth
4:30-7pmSeptember 23, 2022 #1: Jeff A.
7-9:30pmSeptember 23, 2022 #1: Linda F.
#2: Oscar B.
FRIDAY - Greeter/Event Support
7-9:30pmSeptember 23, 2022 #1: Tori T.
SATURDAY - Merch Booth
12-3pmSeptember 24, 2022 #1: phoebe h.
#2: Joe M.
3-6pmSeptember 24, 2022 #1: Jeff A.
#2: Joe E.
6-9pmSeptember 24, 2022 #1: Marisa F.
#2: Emma W.
SATURDAY - Greeter/Event Support
7-9:30pmSeptember 24, 2022 #1: Ryan W.
#2: Anthony P.
SUNDAY - Merch Booth
12-3pmSeptember 25, 2022 #1: Danika M.
3-6pmSeptember 25, 2022 #1: Deb S.
#2: Austin R.
6-8:30pmSeptember 25, 2022 #1: Deb S.
#2: Ryan W.