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Learn about how Bend Roots takes shape. Visit our community partners. Apply to perform at the annual festival. Bend Roots is both an annual festival and a renaissance of creative energy rising up in Central Oregon.


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band information

Band Information

If you are confirmed to perform this season, here you will find helpful info about venues and sound engineers. (Photo: Broken Down Guitars)

Information for Confirmed Acts

By agreeing to preform at the Bend Roots Revival each performer agrees to the following “list of terms:”


  • I have not been sick or in contact with sick people for the last 14 days.
  • I will observe all Covid-19 safety protocols, as prescribed by each venue, by the city of Bend, Deschutes County and the state of Oregon.
  • I will wear a mask indoors and outdoors on stage when setting up and tearing down.
  • I will wear a mask on stage whenever I am not performing.
  • I will stand six feet away from others.
  • I will provide my own vocal microphone and will let my sound engineer know in advance if I don’t own one.
travis ehrenstrom band
Travis Ehrenstrom Band

Loading, Unloading, and Engineers

Bunk & Brew

Engineer: (Black Butte Porter Stage) Scott Foxx [541-480-0897]

Loading info TBA.

Worthy Brewing

Engineers: (Redbird Stage) Drew [drew@bendroots.net]; (El Sancho Stage) Chris [chris@bendroots.net].

Load in and out through the west gate of Worthy’s property for both stages. Load gear onto the Redbird (main) stage from the east, and load gear off this stage to the west. El Sancho (Star Bar) load in and out via the stairs that wind up to the observatory.

Silver Moon Brewing

Engineers: (BIGS Stage) Fletcher [fletcher@bendroots.net], and (HDMC) Jonathan [jonathon@bendroots.net]

From Silver Moon parking lot, BIGS Stage loads in and out near the main entry (to the west). And HDMC/Oregrown stage loads IN through the walkway to the east (next to the parkway) and loads OUT through the main entry.

Avid Cider

Engineer: (Avid Stage) Nathan [nathan@bendroots.net]

Load in and out from the east side of the stage in the Avid Cider parking lot.

Spoken Moto

Engineer: (Skjersaa Stage) Cam Fritz [503-313-7168]

Load in and out from the vacant lot east of the stage.

Brown Owl

Engineer: Todd Rosenberg [310-926-5059]

Load in from the parking lot behind the venue.

Thanks much for your participation. Please email your engineers directly if you have questions, encourage your fans to stay home and watch it on the live-stream at bendroots.net, and please do your part to support the conscious position of our community by encouraging physical distancing, wearing masks and not gathering in large groups.