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Learn about how Bend Roots takes shape. Visit our community partners. Apply to perform at the annual festival. Bend Roots is both an annual festival and a renaissance of creative energy rising up in Central Oregon.


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band information

Band Information

If you are confirmed to perform this season, here you will find helpful info about venues and sound engineers. (Photo: Broken Down Guitars)

Welcome Bend Roots Performers

Thank you for participating in the 2024 Bend Roots Revival. Bend Roots is a gift from the community to the community. The gift of each of your performances is what makes the Revival unique and beloved. With so many different perspectives bouncing off each other, the beauty of Bend’s collective voice is amplified by way of our differences. 100+ different performances this season is truly amazing! Roots brings the community together to participate in this ritual, to dance and sing, and to be inspired. 

travis ehrenstrom band
Travis Ehrenstrom Band

Band Appreciation

In an effort to appreciate you and to showcase your art, we provide:

  1. A stage and sounds engineer for 45 minutes of local glory
  2. Some tacos (or something else to eat)
  3. A drink!

Please visit the ROOTS MERCH area at your venue to get your food and drink tickets; then check-in with your sound engineer at your stage at least an hour before your set. There are two band-hospitality areas where your food and drink tickets may be redeemed: one at Silver Moon and one at Bunk+Brew. If you are playing at Deschutes Brewery or the Domino Room, you may redeem your drink ticket at your venue, but will need to hit one of the band hospitality areas for food, if you want it.

Stage info & Load-In

Take a look at the MAP; identify your stage and sound engineer. Load-in for all Silver Moon stages is at the main entry to the North of the property. Load-in for all Bunk+Brew stages is from the Southwest corner of the property by the BONEYARD stage and from the alley to the North. For acts confirmed at the Domino Room on Sunday evening, please load-in from the alley to the South of the venue. In each case, please unload your gear first, then go find a place to park. Do not leave your rig unattended in a loading zone.


Deschutes Brewery Public House on Bond Street is hosting acoustic music, so if you are performing here, you are likely better off parking first and then carrying your gear to the Black Butte Porter Stage. On Friday and Sunday night, this stage will be located in the Tap Room upstairs in the pub, and on Saturday, it will be in the alley behind the pub. 

Set, Change-Over, & Sound Info

In most cases, bands have forty-five minutes to perform with 45-minute change overs. If you are playing inside at Silver Moon (on either Fuzz or Mondo Stages) or at the Domino Room, change-overs are only 30 minutes. Change-overs on the Black Butte Porter Stage at Deschutes are even quicker than this because it is plug-and-play acoustic all day.

EVERYBODY please finish your set a minute or two early; thank your audience; and then get your gear off the stage quickly for the act coming on. This is key to the success of our event. Each system will include stage monitors, mains, DI boxes, mics, mic-stands, and mic cables. In most cases, backline will NOT be provided; if you have questions, please check with your sound engineer for details about gear provided at each stage. 

Our sound engineers are also stage managers (in most cases); they are the most important players at Roots. Please regard them as conductors of the show. They keep things moving and on-time which helps ensure everyone gets to play their set. We have hundreds of egos to take care of here! Please work with your engineer to help us fulfill everyone’s rock n roll fantasies. We are looking forward to a great season Thank you all for your performances!



Mark Ransom and the Bend Roots Crew

Roots Sound Crew

Scotty McClelland (HDMC Stage)
Jonathan Theesen (Boneyard Stage)
Mason Mcdonough (Tokyo Starfish Stage)

Silver Moon:
Todd Rosenberg (FuzzPhonic Stage)
Matthew Fletcher (Redbird Stage)
Chip Feiberg (Skjersaa/Duke Warner Stage)
Scott Baber (Pizza Mondo Stage)

Deschutes Brewery:
Scotty Foxx (Black Butte Porter Stage)
Thomas Hudson (Black Butte Porter Stage)